Legoland Malaysia


Malaysia’s first theme park that is internationally acclaimed is the Legoland Malaysia which is located in Nusajaya in Johor. The park was opened publicly in 2012. There are innumerous rides and other attractions that will definitely amuse you. Spreading over an area of over 500000 meter square is the Nusa Cemerlang industrial park. The industrial park boasts of a number of hotels, residential apartments and lifestyle retail outlets. The center of attraction of the industrial park is the Legoland Malaysia theme park.

The Legoland theme park requires an entry fee for admission into it. The park has seven zonal divisions: The Beginning, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, Imagination, Lego City, Land of Adventure and Miniland.

You will definitely be engrossed with the experience brought in Miniland. You will feel yourself immensely powerful and in charge of the entire city as one touch of yours and a press of a button can bring or stop the lively activities of the city. However as you will make your way to go round and explore Miniland you might feel the heat over you since there is lack of shadowed areas in the place. The collection of wonderful miniatures showcased in the area and the renowned landmarks of Southeast Asia established therein will surely make you drool over them. You will definitely be amazed by the creativity present in the smallest details. As of course you might be thinking by now, how can a theme park make itself complete without having some fun presence within it. You are right. There is a roller coaster ride, Project X, which will definitely leave you screaming and enjoying all over once you take your chance to ride it. However, the Legoland’s largest roller coaster is the Dragon. It is more than just a normal ride. It starts its way from inside a castle and shall make its way journey that is made up of many sharp twists. This ride has also the highest drop among all other that are present in the park.

The time will eventually come for you to take up a challenge. So you must visit the Imagination Land to pick up your challenge with Lego bricks. The presence of an observatory tower within the Imagination Land ensures that you get a great view of the entire theme park from the top. There is also a 4D movie complex present in the Imagination Land. There is something in here especially for the kids; it is the Kids Power Tower. It is a fun ride that will be of interest for the small ones as they make their way up a tower. Another interesting feature is the Dino Island where you will make your way across various dinosaurs to the top of the island. However when you are getting back, prepare yourself to get wet as you will be taking the Log Flume.

The Beginning zone as you can guess from its name is present right after the entrance to the park. You will have the lockers and restrooms here in this part.

Genting Highlands – The City of Entertainment

The immense popularity of Genting Highlands has amazed everyone with its 
attractions, nightlife, dining experience, leisure activities, theme parks, events & 
many more. The Genting Highland is located in Malaysia between the states of 
Selangor & Pahang. In Malay, it is known as ‘Tanah Tinggi Genting’ also known as 
Resorts World Genting. It is often said that fun never stops at the Genting 
Highlands as its uniquely integrated theme parks, hotels, casinos, natural habitats 
along with other touring places have astonished everyone. If you stay in Singapore,
Tourists are inclined to visit Genting Highlands again & again due to its most 
popular theme park – ‘The First World Plaza’ & its Casino which receives thousands 
of visitors each year as it’s casino features attractive game of cards, slot machines 
along with multiple tables for blackjack games & other numerous entertaining 
features. In order to attract more tourists, the Genting Highlands is still evolving  
by transforming the Genting Outdoor Theme Park to Twentieth Century Fox Theme 
Park which is scheduled to open after 3 years. On the other hand, the indoor rides 
of the First World Plaza theme parks boast its elegance as it offers rides & thrilling 
attractions for all age groups. Kids at indoor theme park prefer junior bumper car, 
ride de paris, funland etc. while tourists with families prefer monorail & Venice 
gondola along with thrilling rides such as Euro Express & 4D Motion Master etc. 
The Genting Resort is nothing but a paradise for tourists as it hosts unique range 
of desirable options such as touring Chin Swee Temple & Gohtong Jaya which 
draws thousands of tourists from all regions of Malaysia. The First World Plaza has 
build separate entertainment divisions along with desirable rides for everyone 
which imitates some of the popular destinations throughout the word such as Paris, 
Swiss Alps, Times Square, Universal Walk etc. These imitations works perfectly 
with the real word as visitors get to see their own country being imitated on large 
The entire resort is owned and managed by Genting Group which sees all its 
operations. But, formerly the Genting Highlands was founded by Lim Goh Tong who 
scouted various locations along the mountain hills which would be nearer to Kuala 
Tourists enjoy their stay at the Genting Highlands as it is one of the most potential 
tourist destinations in Malaysia. Several prominent hotels have congregated at 
Genting Higlands to keep up with the growing demands for accommodation at 
reasonable cost. These hotels provide some of the finest services in terms of 
luxury & comfort along with excellent buffets and complimentary wifi facilities such 
as Genting Grand Hotel, First World Hotel, Genting View, Theme Park Hotel & many 
more. Genting Highlands has truly represented itself as a city of entertainment.